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River Tucker, amateur boxer, 2 x Canadian Bronze Medalist, BC Golden Gloves Champion

"Laurel was the first person to do acupuncture on me. She sets needles carefully so you don't even feel it. As a competitive athlete I use acupuncture for inuries, to prevent injuries and to strengthen my immune system during straining training periods. Laurel has helped me take care of my body."

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Here are some of the wonderful comments we have received over the years:

"I have found that acupuncture has been very beneficial for myself and my family. Attending regularly has resulted in a reduction in my chronic neck and shoulder pain that is often quite debilitating. The meditative atmosphere has helped lower the effects of a stressful life." 

"When I first began acupuncture I had been in so much pain that even day to day activities were a challenge. One session every two weeks, and two months later my pain is under control and I have been able to stop taking pain medication. Acupuncture ended up being the only thing that helped my pain, and continues to help it." 

“I feel absolutely relaxed and at peace when I come for acupuncture. You have helped me not only with pain but also with weight and feeling puffy. Thank you for all that you do.”

“Love relaxing in the chair feeling like it is a spa time. Thanks Laurel for your care and attention.”

“It tickles!”

“Today was great. Least amount of pain I’ve been in in a long time.”

“Great environment, Laurel was so welcoming and was happy to explain anything to us as it was our first time having acupuncture as a family!”

“I have had facial acupuncture 3 times. I truly noticed a difference after the first session. I felt like I had a long facial massage, my face felt fuller and looked rejuvenated. After the second and third session, I could clearly see the improvement. My wrinkles didn’t look as defined, and looking in the mirror, I am starting to see a more refreshing looking me.”

“I had planter fasciitis in both feet and Laurel – with acupuncture – has given me so much relief. I wish I would have done this a year ago. After three treatments, I hardly know I had a problem. Awesome. Laurel is my new best friend. Thank you!”

“Wonderful atmosphere that makes one feel comfortable and safe to explore the unfolding of ones holistic healing. So grateful for this space, and the services offered to our community.”

“I came to see you a few weeks ago. I wanted to thank you for your acupuncture treatment. I don’t have my pain anymore and I don’t get my PMS. It looked like those three times did it!”

“Pain relief is such an amazing thing and I am so grateful that you have the miracle with which to deliver it by.”

“I came the other day and you gave me a flower essence for my poor little kitty. She had co-dependency, trauma, my little feral kitty. Anyway, my little kitty is doing just fine. After we had that thunder storm, that solution just settled her right down and she practically slept through the whole thing. Wonderful!”


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Supportive words from another local business owner:

“Having lived in Keremeos my entire life and having seen the struggle of our downtown, a flux of ever-changing shops, bakeries, restaurants and whatnot, I am thrilled that a young entrepreneur has not only set up her practice here, but is also striving with energy and enthusiasm to add something to our community. I won a gift certificate Laurel graciously donated as a prize for Cawston Hall’s Halloween Masquerade Ball, and I am glad I did. She’s a warm spirit with extensive knowledge and kind hands - a quality trait when your practice involves little sharp needles! I highly encourage you to support not only Laurel, as a skilled practitioner so as to ensure her continued success in our community for years to come, but also as a person who has chosen to settle in our valley with the desire and vision to make it a better place.”