Acupuncture & Associated Therapies

Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, nutrition, herbal medicine.

Serving the South Okanagan and Similkameen Valley.

Available by invitation throughout BC.

Private Sessions
Personalized Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment. Includes full intake and any of the following modalities as deemed appropriate: acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, e-stim, tui na massage. May also include herbal, nutritional or other consultation and recommendations.

Initial 120     Follow up 95

60 – 90 minutes

Partners and Pairs
Two for one

Two people from the same household or immediate bubble receive acupuncture together in our comfortable zero gravity recliners.

Sliding scale 50 - 70 per person

60 to 90 minutes

Acupuncture for Addictions
Standalone treatments or package of ten 45-minute weekly sessions

If your 2022 goals include life changes like quitting smoking or other unwanted habits, we are here to support you!

When added to detox and recovery programs around the world, acupuncture has been shown to be an effective tool to improve inpatient and outpatient recovery rates by reducing stress and cravings, improving sleep, assisting the body's natural detoxification process, and supporting physical, mental and emotional well-being.
Our Lifestyle Packages offer a special rate for 10 weekly treatments. We meet you wherever you are on your path. We include goal setting, weekly check ins, and access to information, support, and resources beyond just the acupuncture, to assist you between sessions. Our acupuncturists have specialized training and over two decades in combined experience with acupuncture for addictions and smoking cessation programs. We offer confidential, compassionate, non-judgmental care and proven results.
Community Acupuncture



Community acupuncture means multiple people receive acupuncture at the same time. Relax together in zero gracity recliners in a calm environment. Privacy is mutually respected, no disrobing required. High volume means low cost, increased accessibility, more frequent visits, and better, longer lasting results.

Available by contract, sliding scale (pay what you can), or MSP subsidies and private health plans. Contact us for more info. 

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Why sliding scale?
High quality care at affordable rates

Significant change and lasting success can be achieved with consistent acupuncture treatment. Community acupuncture clinics use a sliding scale because we want everyone to have acces to acupuncture, as often as you need to. You decide what you can afford, no questions asked.

Single herbs, traditional formulas and custom herbal remedies tailored to suit your individual needs

Herbal medicine can offer effective results without unwanted effects, when taken properly under qualified professional care. No contact pick up, delivery, and shipping options available. 

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Nervous about needles?

Acupuncture is widely regarded as safe and relaxing. It is a subtle yet profound form of therapy. Acupuncture pins are sterile and disposed of after each use. They are very fine, about the width of ten human hairs. This clinic practices trauma informed care, and your practitioner has specialized training and experience in treating highly sensitive people. We will work within your comfort level. This is your time, you get to set the limits.

We also offer many needle-free options: cupping, moxibustion, acupressure, tui na massage, tapping, acu-taping, e-stim, magnets and ear seeds, and a wide selection of botanicals. 

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Is it covered?

Acupuncture is covered by most health insurance plans, ICBC, WCB, Veterans Affairs Canada, and MSP for low income and status First Nations residents of BC. Yes we do direct billing, please inquire about your plan. For plans without a direct billing option, you will receive a receipt to submit to your provider for reimbursement.

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I’m interested, what do I do?

Great! Book with us at the link below, or get in touch for more information. 

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