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Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a unique and highly effective set of tools with which to understand and treat our health. This can be especially useful when conventional tests, diagnostics and treatments do not seem to help. Let this rich tradition help you regain your quality of life in a way that is completely safe, and easy to apply to your currrent life and lifestyle. I believe in starting simply: what do you already use and enjoy that has therapeutic benefit? What foods and herbs do you have access to... what is already in your kitchen, what grows easily where you live, and what is readily available and affordable? This is where we start!

In some cases, plant based medicine from the Materia Medica may be appropriate. Our clinic has a fully stocked apothecary, and many of our remedies are made onsite: from dried herbs and tea blends, to herbal concentrates such as tinctures, glycerites, medicinal vinegars and honeys, to topical salves and liniments. We also carry essential oils and flower essences, including the full Bach Flower Remedies kit, plus another 30+ essences. Most herbal remedies are custom made as needed, tailored specifically for your needs. Herbal treatment plans can be adapted to any budget, and we can accomodate specific diets, allergies and sensitivities. 


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We support sustainable herb growing and gathering.
Our botanical ingredients are sourced locally & organically whenever possible, with respect to the land, the environment, and all members of an interdependent ecosystem.

We acknowledge the traditional (historic and ongoing) territories and diverse plant, animal, human and spiritual communities where medicinal plants grow, and make the choice not to gather medicines without permission or invitation from the Indigenous stewards whose land we are upon. We aim to source herbs and support herbalists and suppliers who centre decolonial and environmental principles, and prioritize BIPOC herbalists, wildcrafters, and medicine makers. With deep gratitude and respect we acknowledge our practice and livelihood takes place as an uninvited settler on the unceded territories of the Syilx and Smalqmix people.