Cupping is a treatment method using suction, or negative pressure, to achieve therapeutic benefit. It is an ancient practice that has been adopted by many contemporary health practitioners. This resurgence is due to its effectiveness in reducing pain and treating many health concerns. The vacuum created by the cupping method causes hyperemia (an increase in blood flow) and extravasation (fluid release from blood vessels into soft tissue) that initiates a complex and unique healing process. The body works to break down and eliminate the extravasation, a process which decreases pain, increases enzymes that reduce inflammation, forms new blood vessels, brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, increases antibodies, stimulates immunity, regulates the nervous system, and increases the healing response.

In TCM terms, cupping unblocks stagnation and stasis, detoxifies, and regulates the free flow of qi, blood and body fluid.

Cupping can be used for local areas of pain or injury, headaches and migraines, nerve pain, respiratory illness, and immunity.