Acupuncture to suit your individual needs.

This clinic offers private sessions, community acupuncture, and outreach acupuncture for events.

Private Sessions

Privacy & Individualized Care

60 – 90 minute Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment. Includes full intake and any of the following modalities as deemed appropriate: acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, e-stim, tui na massage. May also include herbal, nutritional or other consultation and recommendations.

Initial: 105     Follow up: 90

Community Acupuncture

Community & Comfort

Community acupuncture means multiple people receive acupuncture at the same time and pay on a sliding-scale basis. Treatments take place in a relaxed setting while the patient is fully clothed. Because more people can be seen, we can charge less. People of all income levels can access treatment. Increased affordability also allows for more frequent visits, resulting in better, longer-lasting therapeutic results.

20–60 Pay-what-you-can. No proof of income required.

Outreach Acupuncture

Accessibility & Collectivity

Outreach acupuncture means the practitioner comes to you. This service is available for gatherings and conferences, or for communities that would like to host an acupuncturist for a limited time. For further details, please contact us.

Needle Free Modalities


Not all acupuncture uses needles! If needles make you uncomfortable, consider the following options:



Also called moxa, moxibustion consists of the burning a processed form of an herb called mugwort over acupuncture points and meridians to elicit healing


Glass, latex or plastic suction cups used on the body to relieve pain and promote healing


Gentle electrical stimulaton of muscles and nerves using needles or pads for pain relief, general strengthening and healing of injuries


Small gold, silver or magnetic beads are applied to acupoints for ongoing therapeutic effect. Consider it “take home acupuncture”


Based on the combined principals of acupucnture and kenesiology, breathable cotton tape applied to affected areas and their corresponding acupoints and meridians will support sore, tired joints or muscles, promote healing and prevent injury or strain.