Skills appreciated by OKS Acupuncture Clients

gentle / compassionate / strong commitment / sincere / active in community / genuine / positive pleasant attitude / empathetic / understanding / listens  deeply / upfront treatment plans / convenient location / asks & answers questions / extremely knowledgeable about numerous diseases ailments and treatment approaches  / expertise in acupuncture / clinical herbalist  / educated in Eastern & Western herbalism

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Reasons to book an acupuncture treatment!

Had a bad day?  – Acupuncture

Had a good day? –  Acupuncture

Wanna relax? – Acupuncture

Wanna kid break? – Acupuncture

Wanna take a nap? –  Acupuncture

Aches and pains?  –  Acupuncture

Out of date ideas? –  Acupuncture

Hiding from heat? –  Acupuncture

Need chill pills? –  Acupuncture

Need a chi boost? – Acupuncture

Custom Herbal Remedies Are Available On Site!

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Affordable Sliding Scale Acupuncture
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